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Pyksis launches the Global Acceleration Program (GAP)

Pyksis in partnership with the ANZA Technology Network launched the Global Acceleration Program (or GAP) in March 2011. The launch of GAP follows on from the successful pilot program delivered in May 2009, where four highly innovative technology companies were taken to California's Silicon Valley to test their wares in the US market and develop Market Entry Strategies.

GAP is a unique and highly bespoke program aimed at accelerating the rate at which Australian companies can sustainably enter the USA and China markets. The first GAP cohort provided participant companies with on-the-ground training in the USA, a USA based industry expert as a mentor, coaching on how to prepare and present their opportunities in the US market, legal and financial issues about setting us in the US and also a chance to pitch their business opportunity to stakeholders, partners and end users.  GAP also assists participant companies organise 1:1 meetings with distributors, alliance partners, end users and financing partners.

Mike Loftus, USA-based mentor comments, "GAP is an excellent program to accelerate the opportunity for Australian companies to enter the US market. The training, development of market entry strategies and organisation of 1:1 business meetings is essential for US success."
Loftus goes on to say "Australia is a fantastic proving ground for highly innovative opportunities and Aussies are the masters of boot-strapping due to less active financial markets...., but when it comes to business strategy, marketing, promotion and niche industry identification, Aussie companies are usually significantly underdone..."

Whilst Silicon Valley is best known for its role in spawning the ICT and Web2.0 industries, it also has a significant appetite for innovative companies in the water, sustainability, food and food processing, textiles and agri-business sectors - all areas where Australia's innovations are world class.

Seeing Aussie companies compete with the best in the world is a highly rewarding experience for all involved and with future cohorts organised again for the USA and also China, Australia's innovative companies have a bright future ahead.

GAP is supported by the Victorian State Government's Department of Business and Innovation. For further information on GAP and other commercialisation programs please contact Pyksis Melbourne on 03 8648 6419.